Asian Food Center Herbs & Gifts

Opened in October of 2012 our new store which is located in the same shopping mall near the entrance from Bel-Red road sells herbal medicine, housewares, and Asian gifts.

14603 NE 20th St
Bellevue, WA 98007

Phone: (425) 747-0362
Mon-Sun (7 Days a Week):   10AM - 8PM
Holidays :   10AM - 7PM

Our Herb & Gift Store Products Include:
  • Tea Sets, Tea Pots, Fondu Pots, Bamboo Steamers, Asian Hot Pot Utensils, Chopsticks and other Dinnerware
  • Rice Cookers
  • Chinese Herbs and Herbal Medicine including a large selection of ginseng, mushrooms, ginger, throat lozenges, and herbal remedies
  • Many Popular Asian Gifts (Art, Statues, Bonzai Trees, Lucky Bamboo, Large and Small Vases, Chinese Calligraphic Art, and More!)
  • Hot Pot Supplies
  • Specialty Soup Supplies
  • Exotic Asian Cooking Ingredients